Cover Photo

The photo on the Home page is of a huge mural covering one wall in Salon Canning. I snapped it during a milonga, in the dark, with 2 bright spotlights shining on it. It took a lot of Photoshopping to make the rest visible.

Salon Canning is (for me) the Mecca of Tango; it is the place where you see the full expression of the profound respect which is the foundation of Tango. They danced Milonguero Style; the music was the best selection and presentation I’ve ever heard (as a DJ, I notice these things); the sound system was the best quality I’ve ever heard in any dance hall. The dance floor was jammed, with just inches between couples, yet no one came close to bumping. No one did any known figures – except one American tourist who did a leg-wrap. It was Milonga Cachirulo, on Saturday night, and the hall was completely filled – we couldn’t have gotten in without a reservation. For me, dancing in “Salon Canning” was the experience of a lifetime, a check on my bucket list.