My Dance Journey

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My mother taught me to dance when I was 10.  It was her idea, but a good one – it changed my life.  As I grew, and associated with girls, I was always one step ahead of the other guys who were learning to dance, which encouraged me to keep dancing.  10 years later, I started to perform and teach, and I joined “Teutonia Mannerchor” where I learned the Viennese Waltz from Viennese expatriates.  We met every Saturday night to waltz and polka the night away.

For many years I danced waltz, polka and international folkdances, along with whatever the band might play.  I joined a  Schuhplattler performing group and performed Schuhplattler for many years.

In 2003 I had become active in The Atlanta Waltz Society, and the leader of that group, Sid Hetzler, encouraged me to become a DJ, and to teach waltz, which I did. When Sid retired, I took over AWS and converted it to WaltzPlay,.  After a few years I converted it to management by a board of directors. From 2003 to 2007, I danced waltz weekly, and often was the teacher and DJ.  I still sometimes dance, DJ and teach at WaltzPlay.

In 2004 I started dancing Argentine Tango as well – weekly lessons and milongas (tango dance) on most weekends. And in 2005 I began to DJ tango as well as waltz.  I continue to study and dance Tango, and DJ and teach, and spread the word about the enormous possibilities to be found in dancing Tango.

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