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Tango for everyone

My life’s work is to make Argentine Tango available to everyone, and as easy to learn as any dance, or driving, or tennis – a few hours of guidance, and you can do it well enough to fit in on the dance floor, where you can practice and learn all you want.  Argentine Tango is fun . . . and can be easy to learn.

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  • 3-3-2 Rhythms in Tango

    3-3-2 is a rhythm found in many tangos.  The 3-3-2 rhythm is thought to originate in Africa, and have come to us through Cuba, similar to the Habanera.  It is found in popular songs, such as "Clocks" by Coldplay.  If you’re not familiar with 3-3-2, the phrase may sound like random noise, but once you hear the 3-3-2 rhythm, it is as easy to follow as walking to the beat. Astor Piazzolla used 3-3-2 in many of his tangos, and his tangos are considered “the most undanceable” by many tango dancers, and “the best” by those who understand them. If you have wondered why Piazzolla is not played at milongas but beloved of many tango music aficionados, it only depends on whether you can hear a 3-3-2 rhythm. If you read music, see below for what a 3-3-2 rhythm looks like; eight half-beats are grouped as 3, 3 and 2.  In common dancer’s parlance it might be called, “Slow, Slow, Quick”.  You can hear a 3-3-2 rhythm in Piazzolla’s Libertango https://youtu.be/vaXNdVTGT0k where the...

Tango Resources

Hear me DJ

All dances are cancelled for now.

Come to Dancing4Fun, on the second Friday and fourth Saturday of every month for a practica, at 8:30pm to 11:30pm. Cost is $10.  Location: 6025 Peachtree Parkway Suite #4 Norcross, GA 30092

On Sunday March 8, I will teach Blueswaltz and Tango Vals and I will DJ from 3:00pm to 5:00 pm at http://www.waltzplay.org/

Argentine Tango lessons

In Atlanta, I recommend Tina Marie Tango, phone: 678.469.5005 or email to tinamarie2tango@gmail.com  

Musicality is vital to dancing authentic Argentine tango.  Helaine Treitman is the best teacher of Musicality I have found, who teaches online,  or contact Helaine Treitman through email htreitman@gmail.com

tango performances

For typical examples of  tango performances  by famous “Milongueros”, see: https://youtu.be/r0tMAz4RFaU  Ruben Harymbat & Alicia Pons in Tigre Viejo, and https://youtu.be/jN13VdGnB_A Adrian and Amanda Costa in El Ingeniero.

Videos of social tango dancing are rare.  For an example of tango in a milonga in Buenos Aires, see: https://youtu.be/9OZNZv7VqJk